Battlecash eSports is an eSports platform that allows players to compete in video game tournaments. To play tournaments on the site, players are required to have an active Battlepass. Battlecash eSports non-cash tournaments are available for players of any age and in any state. These tournaments have no prizes of value and players use it to build their BCR rating for bragging rights.

Battlecash eSports also offers skill-game cash tournaments, and are legal to play in all US States with the exceptions of Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Montana, South Carolina, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, and Louisiana. Connecting to Battlecash using a VPN is prohibited and we may take legal action against shielded proxies. Playing cash tournaments if you are under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited and we will delete your account and seize funds in any underage account. To comply with KYC regulations, Battlecash requires identity verification to withdraw funds and we reserve the right to ask for identification at any time on the site. If your identity does not match the name and birthday provided when signing up, your account will be closed for illegal activity and the funds will be seized.

Players that win over $500 are required to provide tax identification information to Battlecash eSports so that the earnings will be reported properly.